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Partial Knee Arthroplasty

Partial Knee Arthroplasty


Partial knee implant options:  STRIDE, ZUK UNI, JOURNEY UNI, JOURNEY PFJ

Key elements Unicondylar & Patellofemoral Joint Replacement Procedures

CT-free registration

  • No preoperative imaging required
  • The NAVIO system works within the standard of care expectations for preop radiography
  • Gather patient-specific date using direct anatomic mapping and kinematic acquisition
  • Recreate a 3D model of the patient's anatomy 

Surgeon controlled planning

  • Virtually size, orient and align components on the 3D model
  • Confirm placement relative to articulating surface from direct patient map
  • Adjust implant component placement to balance soft-tissue throughout the full-range of motion using quantitative graph (UKR only)

Robotics-assisted execution

  • The NAVIO handpiece is a freehand surgical instrument with integrated computer control
  • Real-time control adjustments are made that allow or disallow bone cutting on top of the user's movements
  • Virtual navigation image shows progress toward final plan