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Saving water in Memphis

Compressed air is critical to our manufacturing processes.

Two of our production buildings previously used four water-cooled compressor systems. They ran 24-hours a day, and non-contact cooling water was constantly discharged into the drains. 

To save water, we replaced our water-cooled air compressor units with air-cooled radiator units, saving an estimated 38,000 m3 of water per year. This is equivalent to the volume of 15 Olympic-sized swimming pools. 

  • Two existing water-cooled units were converted to being air-cooled by the addition of fan-driven radiators. Cooling fluid is maintained in a closed loop system while the radiator is pulling in air and expelling heated air outside the building.
  • A brand new air-cooled unit (fan-driven radiator) was constructed and installed. This unit took two water-cooled compressors off-line and was fully operational in early 2016.

Sustainability report 2017

Sustainability is better business.