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Redesigned Hip Stem Packaging System wins award

The team in Memphis won the Ameristar Packaging Award for the redesign of the Hip Stem Packaging System. It improves quality and handling, as well as an annual estimated cost saving of nearly $162,000 and less waste for the end-user.

The new Hip Package is a resilient sterile barrier system designed to house metal hip stems of varying lengths and sizes. An inner and outer tray with a lid system allow for aseptic presentation within the sterile field. Within the inner tray, the hip stems are stabilised with a locking mechanism which secures the neck of the stem, and with a Santoprene insert, which secures the end of the stem. This innovative design ensures that the product is fully seated within the inner tray.

To ensure the product and insert remain well seated throughout distribution, design features were built into the inner tray. These features make sure the product remains sterile upon arrival to the customer, while also making it easier to remove the product from the package.

The rigid insert, made of Santoprene, replaces the previous insert made of foam, as well as a secondary piece of foam that was used for added cushioning within the package. This has reduced the amount of waste being thrown away within the operating room, as well as reducing the amount of foam waste being generated during the manufacturing process.

“This new design has user friendly features and helps Smith & Nephew reduce waste and cost. We were proud to be recognised with the prestigiousAmeriStar Award.” Kati Gordon Coll, Packaging Sustaining Engineer

May 2017

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