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A Helping Hand for landmine victims

To celebrate the 160th anniversary of the founding of Smith & Nephew in Hull, the site completed a charity event that had a genuine connection to the company’s philanthropic roots.

Over 500 employees completed the ‘Helping Hands’ event, which involved building 125 prosthetic hands. These have since been delivered to landmine victims all over the world, entirely free of charge to the recipient.

Including a previous visit by the Helping Hands charity to Smith & Nephew in Australia we have now contributed 171 hands in total; all made by Smith & Nephew employees.

“Our business is focused on increasing access to medical devices and supporting healthcare professionals worldwide. We felt that providing prosthetic hands for people who face a daily struggle to complete the simplest of tasks was the perfect way to mark 160 years in the medical device business,” said Tanya Childs, Corporate Brand Director.